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A considered, holistic approach to branding & marketing.

Creative consulting for beauty and lifestyle brands

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Hi, I’m Arjun, a branding, copywriting and communications professional with more than a decade's experience working with boutique beauty and lifestyle brands. Passionate about skincare and wellness from a young age, I rose to prominence through my blog Just Ask Arjun, one of the first in the industry to offer in-depth reviews of products from green, sustainable and ethical brands. Always passionate about being honest and unbiased, I was described by Beauty Independent as the "green beauty blogger [who] can't be bought".


Over the years, I've been featured in publications like Elle, Beauty Independent and The Indian Express and served as a judge for beauty and lifestyle awards like The Beauty Shortlist and Clean & Conscious Awards. I've consulted for brands including African Botanics, Ranavat and Earthwise Beauty, working in diverse capacities ranging from product design and copywriting to product testing and facilitating retail partnerships. With my experience working with a diverse portfolio of brands and being involved in various aspects of brand building and product design, I can help turn your ideas into reality and create products that deliver exceptional results while reflecting your brand values. Say hi using the form below for a complimentary consultation!



Interior Design
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A Considered Approach

The skincare, lifestyle and fashion marketplace is a crowded space, and it's often hard to differentiate yourself from the rest. As someone who has worked extensively with a number of independent brands across the globe, I can help communicate your story and vision in a considered, authentic manner that will resonate with your customers. I have a strong passion for collaborating with brands that uphold ethical, inclusive, and sustainable practices, and I'm committed to helping your brand thrive without compromising on these core values.

What I can help with

Copywriting & Product Descriptions

From web copy and product descriptions to social media captions, I can help you find the right words to capture the essence of your brand. 

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Brand Storytelling

Who you are and what you stand for is just as important as the products you create. I can help tell your story in a compelling, authentic way that will resonate with your audience. 

Design Magazines

Product Design

As someone who has tested hundreds of products and worked with a plethora of brands, I can share my expertise to help you create products that feel fresh and intentional. From product ideas and branding to helping you nail the formulas, I can support you every step of the way.

Product Design

Marketing and Partnerships

Strategic partnerships play an important role in making sure your brand reaches the right audience. From finding the right stockists, to press and social media partnerships, I can connect you with the right partners to help your brand succeed. 

Travel Apps

Craig Noik, African Botanics

Thanks for the excellent work you did. I was really impressed with everything you wrote. 10/10.

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